Life is It

Life is what you make it,

so enjoy it.

Love is what you pull out of it,

experience it.

Laughter is what you think of it,

feel it.

Dreaming is what you create,

admire it.

Believing is what you inspire,

do it.

~ Maathurya Sivakumar


A Poem to Keep

R for red

Red for blood

Blood for heart 

Heart for love

Love for U


U for us 

Us for inspiration

Inspiration for success

Success for good life

Good life for happiness

Happiness for …


~ Maathurya Sivakumar


March’s Precept

” Nothing in this world is free these days. Even love and compassion.”

This truely is a sad thing. Yeah, sure, everything has a price tag these days. Friends show you love and care, and yes, you fall for it. Yet you don’t know that you ” owe” something back. You show love and care back, but they just don’t appreciate it. They practically want to to trail like a tail behind them. That’s not a true friend. You won’t know a true friend at first sight: you have to fight for their friendship, and need to, too.  They need to fight for your trust. But now, you have to fight for their kindness.

March Break: Your time….

March Break is a week off from school for kids. Most adults take work off and go somewhere with their kids. Otherwise, kids just stay home and say the most common three words ever,”I AM BORED.” Well, for those kids who say that… should do something you like. It’s your break, your time. I suggest for all those kid writers out there this is your time to write. If you like writing, you’ll do it anytime whenever you feel like it. Some writers even do it when they don’t feel like it. March Break is your time so make it what you want.

What is desire…

What is desire? Tell me! Desire is nothing but a trigger to unrighteousness.
~ Vasudeva Krishna~

This is something we never take the time to think about. A Krishna quote always leaves you with a follow up question. Some questions might be, ” Then is it wrong to desire?” and ” How does it trigger unrighteousness?”. Let me answer the questions. 

    1.There’s nothing wrong with having a desire, but what’s wrong is having that desire to show people that you have power, and that you are filled with rage and revenge. Your desire should do good, and no harm. If such thought comes to mind, then unrighteousness has sprouted in your mind. 

     2. Unrighteousness is triggered by fear. Fear can lead to desire. Desire can lead to revenge. Revenge, you ask? We all know what happens next. Desiring too much can result in unrighteousness. Then we depend on wrong deeds to save the day.

Do YOU have questions? Well, we can answer them! Just submit them!


The World of Reading

In this world that is now filled with media like internet, movies, TV and video game we see less and less people reading. Most of the books are also becoming movies or TV shows and some people think there is no reason to read. Why is reading so important??? I believe that everyone should read a little everyday is that by reading, people gain knowledge that is often useful in school and other places. You will also have a better understanding of the texts you are given in school because you already have experience in reading different types of books and will also raise you’re vocabulary level a lot by reading books. Reading will also make you travel and use your imagination. By reading a book you can transport yourself to the other side of the world or to a fantastic universe full of strange people. You can do that by watching a movie too but reading is better than just watching in my opinion. Reading on the other hand is an active activity; you are involved mentally when you read. . The best thing about reading is that unlike TV or Movies, you often don’t have images and sound which means that all of this is yours to create. When you read you can imagine what the world is like, what the character look like or what is voice might be.

The other thing that is good about a book is that you can carry it around everywhere you go and read it when you want to. Books are the perfect object if you want to read something. Reading is a nice way to relax, to experience lots of emotions and discovers stuff. Now that we agree that reading is something important. Books are probably one of best things you can think of.  Whatever the subject of your interest is you will find a book dedicated to it.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Your chance!

Many of the people looking at this site are probably writers or people who want to improve their writing or are interested in the topic of writing. Well, this post is all about a chance for you to get published in a book.

Do any of you have inspirational stories to share with the world? Can you write the story in 1,200 words or less? Do you like to write essays or poems? If yes to these questions, well we would like to know if you have ever heard of the Chicken Soup for The Soul Series. This series has been and still is helping real people share real stories of inspiration, bringing hope and love for the past twenty one years.

They are always updating their list of books that are open to submissions. As of today the books seeking stories include:

  • Angels in Our Midst (March 31 deadline)
  • Overcoming Challenges/Finding Inner Strength (March 31 deadline)
  • Stories ABOUT Moms (September 30 deadline)
  • Stories about the Christmas Season (August 30 deadline)
  • Stories BY Moms (September 30 deadline)
  • The Power of Forgiveness (June 30 deadline)

Chicken Soup has detailed submission guidelines that you want to follow. (It is very important to always follow the guidelines for any submission to any publisher.)

To get a feel for what the publisher is seeking, you can find a copy of any past publication through a library, book store, online bookstore (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc), used book store, or even a family friend.

If you get accepted for your story they pay you $200 plus 10 copies of the book your story appears in, upon publication. The process to be selected does take a couple of years but all you have to do is be patient. Be sure to enter!