Writing: It’s Impact.

Okay, so do you know how much writing impacts your life?  Writing impacts your life big time. What you read could persuade you to change your mind about something, it could get you in trouble, or even make you laugh. Writing is special, it’s like magic. It can spread happiness to people around you pretty quickly. Have you ever had this time when someone reads your work and then have this tingly smile on their face? That’s how happiness feels like. We both have been selected by Poetic Power to be published in a book by entering in a poetry contest. Adshayah entered Summer 2013 and Maathurya entered Fall 2013 .  These are our poems; Do they bring happiness to you?


The night seems right,

the stars to be bright.

The moon be there to ignite,

the darkness to turn to the light.

The dawn to become twilight,

the nightfall to be the greatest of sights.

 By Maathurya S.                                                                                                                                                                                        


Ode To Your Dreams

Let no one put you down. From chasing your wish

Everyone has a unique goal We can’t be foolish

True friends and loved ones Will help you through the way

Forget the doubters Who cares what they say?

Give your dreams a real push Share them with the ones who care.

You’ll be glad when it’s finally achieved. It won’t be a nightmare.

By Adshayah S.


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