Your Writing Portfolio

Every writer has a writing portfolio/ platform or at least they should have. Building a portfolio/platform doesn’t happen easily, let’s say that right at the start. No one, except you, truly knows the effort you put in to building your writing experience, but with a strong platform, one day everything will click into place and you’ll realize the effort was worth it. Technically, in a writer portfolio/platform there is:

-Your website and/or blog. Make sure to have your bio, some samples of your work, and descriptions of past projects
-Blog posts. Your blog content showcases your writing skills, and interests. Write for the audience that have the type of projects and assignments you want to do.
-List of all publications. Whenever you have something published in magazines, online articles or even guest blog posts, keep a list.
-Copies of all your writing pieces. Writing pieces are a big part of your writing life…so keep copies to show when needed
-Writing schedule. Have some time everyday to write.

That is all we can think of at the moment. IN THE MEANWHILE, WORK ON THESE AND WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU.


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