When Life is Exhausting: Finding time to write

When you begin writing, time flies. You never realize it…well until you look at the clock. Writing more and more means getting better and better. And more better means you’re improving your skills and your talents, isn’t that great?

Yes… until it’s not. Until work starts piling up. Or you get sick. Or a friend is in from out of town. Or you have to bake three dozen cupcakes for Sally’s class — by tomorrow. When that happens, how do you find time to write without making it a 24/7 thing.


Feeling forced to write is never going to help your creativity and your writing spirit. If it’s getting tough to write just take a break. Have fun then a couple of days later come back to your draft…edit…revise. It’s your choice.

You can take a break without starting from the beginning. Just write and leave. That’s good enough.


When you started writing, you didn’t realize you’d start interacting with other bloggers would your personal goal was to get better and improve your writing. But you didn’t realize that you’d start talking to other writers. And you just toned it down a bit.

And you know what? That’s fine. While it’s true that writing regularly is good, “regular” can mean lots of things: daily, weekly, monthly, whatever. Trying to make a law in your life to write every day and if you can’t do that, it will just kill the fun . Take a realistic look at the time you can put to writing, and use that to set your expectations. Don’t set yourself up to fail!


Since you want to keep your writing time just right for you..keep a calendar. If you don’t want to write, a calendar allows you to take control of your publishing schedule and time. Since you decide what goes where do what you want. Take your schedule into account and plan quicker, less writing blocks altogether.

Adding “writing time” to your calendar is a simple way to make time, as long as you honor that time — otherwise, re-scheduling your missed blog appointment just becomes another source of stress. Writing time doesn’t need to be a big chunk of your free time; ten or fifteen minutes is a great.


Writing doesn’t have to be always sentences….it could be inspirational thoughts or even just a line. That’s good enough. When you’re at school waiting for your teacher, jot down a quick note or when you are in the car waiting for dad to pick up his groceries type a quote down. Eventually, one day you’ll be able to create a masterpiece. THAT WILL BE A GREAT DAY!


If you haven’t been able to write in a while and it’s getting to you, try a lower-effort piece to keep your goal. Write about whatever your thinking or even a book you just read. As long as you’re true to your voice and point of view and offer your own take, these can be just as great as your regular pieces..

Anyone who tries to use writing as a get-rich-quick scheme will be disappointed: building a good platform and attracting a community takes time and effort, and there’s no magic formula where some publisher will find your work and you’ll become an overnight success.

These are our ideas….be sure to comment with any tips or ideas you have.


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