The World of Reading

In this world that is now filled with media like internet, movies, TV and video game we see less and less people reading. Most of the books are also becoming movies or TV shows and some people think there is no reason to read. Why is reading so important??? I believe that everyone should read a little everyday is that by reading, people gain knowledge that is often useful in school and other places. You will also have a better understanding of the texts you are given in school because you already have experience in reading different types of books and will also raise you’re vocabulary level a lot by reading books. Reading will also make you travel and use your imagination. By reading a book you can transport yourself to the other side of the world or to a fantastic universe full of strange people. You can do that by watching a movie too but reading is better than just watching in my opinion. Reading on the other hand is an active activity; you are involved mentally when you read. . The best thing about reading is that unlike TV or Movies, you often don’t have images and sound which means that all of this is yours to create. When you read you can imagine what the world is like, what the character look like or what is voice might be.

The other thing that is good about a book is that you can carry it around everywhere you go and read it when you want to. Books are the perfect object if you want to read something. Reading is a nice way to relax, to experience lots of emotions and discovers stuff. Now that we agree that reading is something important. Books are probably one of best things you can think of.  Whatever the subject of your interest is you will find a book dedicated to it.


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