The Story Of Us.

This is not one of the normal stories you have heard. Unlike Shark Boy And Lava Girl. Very much different from a superhero and his trusty side kick. No. This is the story of the Two Writers In A Pod. If it was possible for peas to be writers, it would be in this story. They live in Markham , Ontario and go to Wismer Public School. The most surprising part, they are in the sixth grade.

One day in 2010, Adshayah moved into the Wismer Commons. In the hall on the first day for Adshayah, a girl named Maathurya waved hello and went to class. At that point, they didn’t know that they’d get this far in life…

In 2012, they were brought together in one grade five class. They fought and argued for silly reasons, and soon they discovered a bond within themselves. They were best friends. From that point on, they were known as the Two Writers In A Pod. In 2013, they got separated into different grade 6 classes, but as strong as their bond was, their friendship held on. So on January 1st, 2014, they decided to make a blog to teach people about writing. Their writing , together, was miraculous and powerful. Full of emotion. So here, they have a blog for you to experience it.

So here, they bring to you, a blog called Live To Write 2 Day. As you can see, this story has no end, because the writing life lives with you, and it will only go forth…


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