What is desire…

What is desire? Tell me! Desire is nothing but a trigger to unrighteousness.
~ Vasudeva Krishna~

This is something we never take the time to think about. A Krishna quote always leaves you with a follow up question. Some questions might be, ” Then is it wrong to desire?” and ” How does it trigger unrighteousness?”. Let me answer the questions. 

    1.There’s nothing wrong with having a desire, but what’s wrong is having that desire to show people that you have power, and that you are filled with rage and revenge. Your desire should do good, and no harm. If such thought comes to mind, then unrighteousness has sprouted in your mind. 

     2. Unrighteousness is triggered by fear. Fear can lead to desire. Desire can lead to revenge. Revenge, you ask? We all know what happens next. Desiring too much can result in unrighteousness. Then we depend on wrong deeds to save the day.

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